Scientific Program

Scientific Program


New dates: 30 September – 02 October 2021

The new scientific program will be soon online


10th September 202011th September 202012th September

9.00-15.00 EUVAS annual meeting

Opening ceremony

16.00 Welcome
David Jayne, Domenico Prisco

Immunology in vasculitis
Chairpersons: Francesco Annunziato – Chiara Azzari


16.30 Innate lymphoid cells (Chiara Romagnani)

16.50 Neutrophils in autoimmune diseases (Mariana J. Kaplan)

17.10 T cells in systemic vasculitis (Richard Kitching)

17.30 Complement deficiency and (auto)inflammation (Marina Botto)

17.50 Genetics/omics and prognosis in vasculitis (Javier Martin)

18.10 Discussion

Keynote Plenary Lecture
Chairpersons: David Jayne, Carlo Salvarani


18.30 When it all started Anthony Fauci

19.00 Welcome cocktail

08.00-08.45: Parallel courses with breakfast

Room A Chair Paola Parronchi
Topic: Interstitial lung disease in AAV

  • Introduced by Paola Parronchi (7’)
  • Case presentation (Alvise Berti) (8’)
  • Interstitial lung disease in AAV (Aladdin Mohammad) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room B Chair Augusto Vaglio
Topic: Renal involvement in AAV

  • Introduced by Augusto Vaglio (7’)
  • Case presentation (Giorgio Trivioli) (8’)
  • Slowly progressive renal AAV (Gabriella Moroni) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room C Chair Benjamin Terrier
Topic: New treatments for EGPA

  • Introduced by Benjamin Terrier (7’)
  • Case presentation (Filippo Fagni) (8’)
  • Mepolizumab in EGPA (Giacomo Emmi) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room D Chair Xavier Puechal
Topic: Precision medicine in AAV

  • Introduced by Xavier Puechal (7’)
  • Case presentation (Maria L Urban) (8’)
  • Predictors of response to RTX in AAV. From histopathology to pharmacogenetics (Federico Alberici) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room E Chair Stephen McAdoo
Topic: Glucocorticoids in AAV

  • Introduced by Stephen McAdoo (7’)
  • Case presentation (Mark McClure) (8’)
  • Early glucocorticoid withdrawal in AAV (Alan Salama) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room F Chair David Jayne
Topic: Treatment of severe AAV

  • Introduced by David Jayne (7’)
  • Case presentation (Rachel Jones) (8’)
  • Treatment of severe forms of AAV (Michael Walsh) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room G Chair Lucio Manenti
Topic: Complement inhibition in AAV

  • Introduced by Lucio Manenti (7’)
  • Case presentation (Pani Gopaluni) (8’)
  • Treatment of severe forms of AAV (Ralph Kettritz) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room H Chair Matija Crnogorac
Topic: ANCA negative AAV

  • Introduced by Matija Crnogorac (7’)
  • Case presentation (8’) (Giovanni Maria Rossi)
  • Treatment of severe forms of AAV (15’) (Charles Pusey)
  • Discussion (15’)

Plenary session

Organ involvement in vasculitis
Chairpersons Thomas Hauser – Marzia Caproni

09.00 Lecture: Kidney damage and regeneration in systemic diseases (Paola Romagnani)

09.30 Kidney involvement in ANCA vasculitis (Mark Little)

09.50 Central and peripheral nervous system in vasculitis (Alasdair Coles)

10.10 Mucocutaneous involvement in systemic vasculitides (Cord Sunderkotter)

10.30 Discussion

10.50 Coffee Break

Chairpersons Domenico Prisco – Andreas Kronbichler

11.20 ENT disease in AAV and EGPA (Marcos Martinez del Pero)

11.40 The lung in small vessel vasculitis: granulomatous, vasculitic and interstitial lesions (Ulrich Specks)

12.00 Cardiac involvement in vasculitis (Iacopo Olivotto)

12.20 Thrombotic events in systemic vasculitis (Giacomo Emmi)

12.40 Discussion

13.00 Lunch

Diagnostic tools and differential diagnosis in vasculitis
Chairpersons David Jayne – Renato Alberto Sinico

14.15 Lecture: B cells in autoimmunity (Ken Smith)

14.45 New diagnostic tools for diagnosis and relapse of AAV and other vasculitides (Eoin McInney)

15.05 Renal histology patterns in AAV and other vasculitides (Ingeborg Bajema)

15.25 Hypereosinophilic syndromes: from EGPA to HES (Benjamin Terrier)

15.45 Discussion

16.00 Coffee break

Chairpersons Rashid Luqmani – Angelo Manfredi

16.30 Lecture Immunopathogenesis of Giant Cells Arteritis (Maria C. Cid)

17.00 Large vessel involvement in infectious and inflammatory diseases (Peter Grayson)

17.20 Imaging studies in medium-sized and large vessel vasculitis (Justin Mason)

17.40 Primary and secondary CNS vasculitis (Carlo Salvarani)

18.00 Discussion

19.00 Cocktail and Gala Dinner

08.00-08.45: Parallel courses with breakfast

Room A Chair Nicolas Schleinitz
Topic: IgG4-related disease

  • Introduced by Nicolas Schleinitz (7’)
  • Case presentation (Federica Maritati) (8’)
  • Periaortitis: IgG4-related or -unrelated? (Augusto Vaglio) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room B Chair Carlo Salvarani
Topic: Large vessel GCA

  • Introduced by Carlo Salvarani (7’)
  • Case presentation (Federica Bello) (8’)
  • Large vessel involvement in GCA (Francesco Muratore) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room C Chair Michael Schirmer
Topic: Refractory Behçet’s syndrome (vascular phenotype)

  • Introduced by Michael Schirmer (7’)
  • Case presentation (Elena Silvestri) (8’)
  • Refractory vasculo-Behçet (David Saadoun) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room D Chair Haner Direskeneli
Topic: Refractory Behçet’s syndrome (mucocutaneous and articular phenotype)

  • Introduced by Haner Direskeneli (7’)
  • Case presentation (Ömer Karadağ) (8’)
  • Refractory mucocutaneous-Behçet (Giuseppe Lopalco) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room E Chair Rashid Luqmani
Topic: Procedures in LVV

  • Introduced by Rashid Luqmani (7’)
  • Case presentation (Cristina Ponte) (8’)
  • Interventional procedures in Takayasu arteritis (James Jackson) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room F Chair Christan Dejaco
Topic: difficult to treat LVV

  • Introduced by Christian Dejaco (7’)
  • Case presentation (Sara Monti) (8’)
  • Refractory LVV (Nicolò Pipitone) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room G Chair Paul Brogan
Topic: Monogenic vasculitis

  • Introduced by Paul Brogan (7’)
  • Case presentation (Stefano Volpi) (8’)
  • Monogenic vasculitis (Marco Gattorno) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Room H Chair Gabriele Simonini
Topic: Pediatric vasculitis

  • Introduced by Gabriele Simonini (7’)
  • Case presentation (Marta Calatroni) (8’)
  • Pediatric vasculitis (Seza Ozen) (15’)
  • Discussion (15’)

Plenary session

Chairpersons Kerstin Westman – Federico Alberici

09.00 Lecture Novel therapeutic approaches in autoimmune diseases: from bench to bedside (David Jayne)

09.30 Complement inhibition in AAV (Vladimir Tesar)

09.50 New therapeutic targets in EGPA: are we changing our approach? (Alfred Mahr)

10.10 AAV: evidence from recent clinical trials (Peter Merkel)

10.30 RTX vs CYC in AAV (Loïc Guillevin)

10.50 Discussion

11.10 Coffee break

Chairpersons Petros Sfikakis – Dario Roccatello

11.40 Biologics and beyond in Behçet’s syndrome (Gülen Hatemi)

12.00 Direct anti-viral agents in Cryoglobulinaemic Vasculitis (Luca Quartuccio)

12.20 IgA vasculitis: towards new therapeutic approaches (Augusto Vaglio)

12.40 Should we abandon glucocorticoids in LVV? (Ann Morgan)

13.00 Discussion

13.15 Closing remarks David Jayne – Domenico Prisco


14.30-18.00 European EGPA Study Group Meeting

(Giacomo Emmi, Benjamin Terrier, Augusto Vaglio)