Sports Nutrition is a subject of great interest for everyone who works with athletes of all levels, from simple amateur to professional, but unfortunately in the area there are many differing opinions often not based on scientific data.

Our association founders, including the late Prof. Fulvio Marzatico to whose memory is dedicated the event, for years had promoted a “culture” of the integration of nutrition and free from dogmas and based on scientific evidence.

From this experience Sports Nutrition: From science to practice, was born and we hope that this event could be a valuable opportunity to a scientific update as well as an opportunity to discuss with some of the best sport nutrition experts in the world.

Food allergy, Intolerances and Sensitivity in Sport
Supplements and Nutraceuticals in Sport
Genetics and Nutrigenomics in Sport
Endocrinology and Sport Nutrition
Body Composition in Sport
Update in Sport Nutrition